About Us

Harrington and Sons has grown from a small general contracting and paving company, begun in 1958, into the areas most experienced providers of construction and landscape services. Harrington oversees projects from small masonry and landscape maintenance jobs to large site development projects.

The company was founded in 1958 by a young William Harrington Sr., in an era where business was done with a handshake and a verbal commitment. The company’s focus was primarily General Contracting and Paving until 1990 when William’s son, John, came on board. With John’s vision, the business grew to add House Line Excavation into it’s portfolio of services. With the addition of quality, seasoned managers, the business continued to expand to include landscape Design and Build Services.

Such growth and expansion would not have been possible without an outstanding team of managers, each with an incredible resume of industry experience. Anchoring the House Line Excavation Team are Fred Zahn, Michael Roskie and Doug Bockoven. Mark Rafalco recently came on board as our Senior Project Estimator. John added Willie Mulvaney to the team in 2005, and with John, the two oversee the entire business and map out the company’s future.

Harrington’s experienced and seasoned managers approach each project with an eye for detail and success from start to finish. Whether it’s paving a driveway or an extensive site development project, all projects are completed within a schedule and customer satisfaction is paramount. We take pride in every project and in each of our divisions: Masonry, Landscape Design/Build, Paving, Remodeling and Site Development. We look forward to serving our customers and growing and evolving in an ever-changing and challenging industry.

John Harrington - President

John has been the driving force in the growth and development of Harrington Construction. His vision of the multi-divisional Corporation staffed with seasoned professionals, delivering the highest and most creative level of service has been his passion for over two decades. John’s energy and vast knowledge of all aspects of our corporation is what fuels Harrington Construction today. It is also John’s commitment and generosity to his and other communities that have earned him the admiration and respect of his peers.

William Mulvaney - Director of Operations

Willie is involved with corporate development, and at the same time spear heads our expanding Landscape Design / Build / Maintain division. Professionally trained in Landscape Development at SUNY and over 35 years of experience in the Green Industry, Willie is recognized as a resource in his field with few equals. His creative approach to each project has led to Willie’s work receiving local and national recognition.

Douglas Bockoven – Senior Project Manager

Doug has been involved in Earth work for over 35 years. His focus and area of expertise is in House Line Excavation. With his knowledge and complete understanding of engineering, Doug has delivered some extremely detailed residential properties. Doug possesses an extremely keen eye for precision and our residential clients have been the beneficiaries of his determination.

Michael Roskie – Project Superintendent

Mike has been an integral part of the Harrington Staff for fifteen years. His determination to see some of the most challenging projects through to completion down to the finest detail is what separates Mike from others. Mike is one of those special individuals who even when placed under some tremendous pressure continues on with a calm and steady reserve. Mike’s projects have come under the watchful eye of some of Harrington’s most discerning clients which he has never disappointed.

Fred Zahn - Paving Project Manager

Fred has been a valued member of the Harrington Organization for over twenty years. His years of field experience has molded him into a PAving Production Manager with exceptional skills. His thorough understanding of surface water control and direction has helped us produce a Pacving Division admired by the Asphalt Industry.

Administrative Staff

Natalie Zrolka

Natalie arrived at Harrington Construction in January 2006. At the time of her arrival we were in need of an Executive Administrator, and her organized, sophisticated, roll up your sleeve style was a perfect fit. We could not have built a better fit for us than Natalie. She has re-organized and developed financial reporting that has raised our level of understanding of how and why our business functions the way it does. Natalie continues to develop new and valuable information data streams that will assist in the direction the Harrington Construction.

Terri Hark

Terri comes to Harrington Construction with numerous years as an Administrative Assistant in the Construction Industry. Her upbeat attitude has been contagious at Harringtons. Terri has helped Harrington move into a few new areas of business. She is very detailed and knowledgeable in the Public Works Sector of our industry. We look to Terri to continue opening up new revenue streams for Harrington Construction in the future.